The Bookbag.... Fly By Night

I'm just as pleased as I can be to tell you that I've got another review published in 'The Bookbag.' In case you haven't heard of 'The Bookbag', this is an online site that publishes TONS of wonderful reviews, children, adults, fiction, non-fiction... just about anything you could be looking for. Here's a quote from their 'About Us' page, just to give you a real sense of what they are about.

"Firstly, and most importantly, we would like you to think of The Bookbag as a homely, comfortable place. The corner of your local library perhaps, where you can relax in convivial company and find some suggestions for books to read. We don't have an 'angle'. We're not looking to force feed you the latest books on the shelves. We're not tied to a particular genre. We're not interested in what's fashionable. We just want to share our thoughts with you, if you'd like us to."

And now, I've got a comprehensive review of 'Fly By Night' by Frances of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors published, along with my review of 'The Butterfly Heart' by Paula Leyden... a simply beautiful book that must be read! Very chuffed with myself, I must say. And very grateful to Sue and Jill at The Bookbag.


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