'Reading With Kids' from the Guardian and Observer

Free this weekend, October 22-23, The Guardian and Observer will be including 'Reading With Kids', a great  two part guide loaded with expert advice, useful ideas and tons of information and book suggestions on books for children from picture books right through young adult novels, all to help nurture that love of books and reading. Saturday, the first part will include input on books for ages 0-7 years. Sunday's second part will give information on books for ages 8+.
The link below will take you through to a great video of children telling you how important reading is to them... why they like it, what challenges them, where their favourite place to read is...fantastic!
Look for 'Reading With Kids' this weekend. Not only will it help you help your kids, but it's just in time for helping you with t hose gifts you'll be looking for very shortly!

Also, here's a link for a brilliant article posted ahead of this weekend's 'Reading With Kids'. Lucy Mangan considers 'What makes a classic?' when it comes to children's books. Why do some books last for generations and what is it they have that others simply don't? Mangan discusses the dynamics of the 'two audiences' that are involved in the reading of children's books... essentially, adults, most likely parents and other 'learned' grown-ups and the intended audience, children. It always fascinates me that we adults spend so much time hashing over the merits and demerits of children's books. Frequently, we forget that the ultimate voice in this discussion of what makes a children's classic or even a really good kids book is in fact, the voice of the children.
Here's a quote:
"Nevertheless, not every old, well-written, "worthy" book becomes a classic. Why not? Because of that other audience – the child readers. Ultimately, the books have to be read, and re-read, by children." 


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