Well, it's Thursday, 3rd March and it is officially World Book Day. At Dubray Books, Galway, we had a fantastic day playing host to 114 school children and two fantastic guests.... storyteller, author and poet extraordinaire Rab Swannock Fulton who delighted the children of Mercy Primary School, senior infants and 1st and 2nd classes with his tale 'The Bus That Flew To The Moon' and some very silly re-writes, with the aid of the children, of Cinderella and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Also, the magnificent Sarah Webb was on hand to talk to the 4th class of Gael Scoil Dehide from Oranmore and the 5th/6th class from Mercy Primary about how she became a writer (and all the things she wanted to do before), the journey to get published and, well, life in general,; all of which sparked some very lively and interesting discussions.
Sarah signing flyers and greeting her fans...
Now for my apology.... for some reason unknown to all of mankind (apart from the 'ghost in the machine' explanation) my camera decided at 12.00 noon, to delete all the photos I had taken up to that point. I couldn't stop it... and I couldn't retrieve them. So, from today I only have a very few. I'm very disappointed.. and very, very sorry to Sarah, Rab... and alot of the school children out there. But here's a couple from the end of the day, anyway....
So patient and attentive...both Sarah and the children!
Sarah has the full attention of the girls


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