Philip Ardagh on Judging the Roald Dahl Funny Prize

With the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for children's literature due to be awarded on the 16th of November, there is a very insightful (and thoroughly marvelous and chuckle-worthy) article in the Guardian by Philip Ardagh. As part of the 'perks' of winning last year's award, Ardagh was given the task of being on the judging panel for this year's list. In this article (see link below), he discusses the process and the challenges of this arduous task in his own inimitable and observant style. (to understand fully what I mean by this, you simply have to read one of the brilliant and hilarious 'Grubtown Tales'. Oh, what the heck, read them all!)
Also, Ardagh includes the short list for both categories: Aged Six and Under and Aged Seven to Fourteen. While all of the offerings are wonderful, my personal favourites are 'Dog Loves Books' by Louise Yates (Aged Six and Under) and 'Clumsies Make A Mess' by Sorrel Anderson (Aged Seven to Fourteen.) But that's just me....


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