Galway Christmas Market

Admittedly...this is NOT about books. This is about Christmas!!!!!
The Christmas lights of Galway will go on this Friday evening, 19th November. And, simultaneously, the Continental Christmas Market in Galway will open in Eyre Square. So...while the cynics can say (with a good bit of truth, to be fair) that this is a commercial venture.... I chose to see it as a grand opening of a truly magical season. Eyre Square will be transformed into a magical winter wonderland with up to 70 market stalls offering items from all over the world (Russia, Peru, USA, all over Europe...), rides and activities for the little ones, (You can't fool me...I saw the carousel being delivered!), food and hot chocolate!, and, of course Santa's Grotto (direct from Lapland to you)!!!! The Christmas market village will be in place from 19th November until the 19th of December.
I've been watching the construction taking place in all kinds of weather (well...mostly high winds and steady rainfall). With each day, I get more and more excited. Today, they were placing lights on the tree in the centre of it all.
While I will put up some photos as I get them...I fear I'll not be able to attend the official lighting. I'll be in Dubray Books, working away... but I will be right in the middle of town when the lights come on. It makes me feel so much better about working the evening shift.


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