Get "Enchanted" with Baboro

Today's lunchtime treat was to visit the Galway City Museum for the wonderful "Enchanted" exhibition! Celebrating the children's book illustration, "Enchanted" displays the work of five incredible, popular Irish authors: Annie West, Bruce Ingman, Oisin McGann, Adrienne Geoghehan and Niamh Sharkey. The setting for this exhibition creates an atmosphere that is peaceful and personal and gives time for the illustrations to create their delightful impact. A must visit at Baboro!!!!
Here are a few of my favourites......
'The Ravenous Beast' by Niamh Sharkey
detail from 'Birdie Tree' by Adrienne Geoghehan
from 'Moxey' by Annie West
Wednesday events include: Gugalai Gug!-Beo, Walter Speazlebud (David Donohue) and the Gingerbread Man!!! The exhibitions are here all week!


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