Another Triumph for 'The Sky Is Everywhere'

This just in from Jandy Nelson on her amazing first novel 'The Sky Is Everywhere'. I'm going to quote Jandy from her Facebook page....
"Yowza! Crazy news! The Sky Is Everywhere made Round One of Grammy nominees for best Spoken Word Album. If you happen to know anyone in the music industry with Grammy voting rights: It's in Field 17, Category 78, Best Spoken Word Album. The next round vote is December 1st. So wild!"
Wild, indeed!!! I'm so pleased for Jandy and have my fingers crossed. And while, as she says herself, it's only round one of the nominations and it's unclear as to how many rounds of nominations there actually are, it is still very exciting and a great honour!
Well done, Jandy! I'm cheering for you already!


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