Launch: 'Prim Improper'

Excellent news from Deirdre Sullivan (and Little Island Press, those wonderful and talented people!): Deirdre will be at the Galway City Library this Wednesday evening, 15th September at 6pm to officially launch her new (and first) novel for teens, 'Prim Improper'. This wonderful book tells the story of Primrose Leary. Prim has just started secondary school, has a burgeoning interest in boys, and has to deal with an extremely embarassing father she barely knows along with the fact that her mother isn't around anymore. Told with compassion and real humour, 'Prim Improper' demonstrates a great understanding of character and storyline.
Deirdre is a local Galway girl who graduated from NUI Galway with a masters degree in drama and theatre and is now teaching in Dublin... and, I'm assured, is finishing her second book as we speak. Busy woman!
All are welcome to attend the launch, so I hope to see you there.


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  2. Hope you enjoyed the launch, and thanks for the kind words about us Little Islanders! For shame that we couldn't be there, but the pics look fab and I'm assured that D sold out in 20 mins. Long may it continue!


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