Derek Landy

Today, the children of Galway (both in body and spirit) turned out in incredible force at Dubray Books on Shop Street in Galway to meet Derek Landy. They were trying to queue from about 12.00, but I had to send them away, promising them front positions. In retrospect, I should have gotten out the 'coat room' numbers, perhaps. In the end, inspite of there being over 200 people moving through the shop...and inspite of the extremely changeable weather, it all went off without a hitch. Derek arrived in good time and got straight to it! Throughout the entire event (we were there until 7.30pm...3 1/2 hours!), he was lively, engaging, gracious, smiling, funny...truly amazing as he took time with each and every child (and their parents). And even those who stood in that queue for over 3 hours...tired and cranky, though they may have been prior to reaching him....all of them left saying it was well worth the wait, with smiles on their faces, clutching their newly signed books. It was great! And Derek Landy is truly stellar!!!!
Many thanks to Derek... let's do it again sometime!


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