Poulnabroune Bouncy Castle?

I just had to share this with you all. It's absolutely brilliant! The Burren's iconic dolmen Poulnabroune has been artistic crafted as a bouncy castle! Commissioned by Galway County Council and supported by the Arts Council, the 'Poulnabroune Bouncy Dolmen' was inflated by artist Jim Ricks today in Kylebrack woods, southeast of Loughrea, co. Galway and is about twice the size of the pre-Christian stone tomb. This is part of a project which involves three artists (including Ricks) who have been invited to create temporary artworks that engage with the communities in the Aughty region of the county in a creative way. (it's quite unique to find a dolmen in that region, as they don't actually have any there...only wedge tombs.) Ricks worked with a bouncy castle manufacturer in the UK to create the bouncy dolmen, which has been finished to professional standards, so it is perfectly safe for children to bounce on. Poulnabroune Bouncy Dolmen was on disply at Kylebrack woods today between 4.30 and 6.30. It will also be present at Portumna Castle on September 19th as part of the Shorelines Art Festival. Fantastic!
(photograph by Jim Ricks)


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