Page's from the chief Puffin's archive

While I was persuing the papers, I came across this from the Guardian today. In a continuing celebration of Puffin imprint's 70th anniversary, Seven Stories in Newcastle upon Tyne has been hosting a brilliant exhibition (well, all the exhibitions there are brilliant). Today online, The Guardian has published a selection of letters from the archive of Kaye Webb. Kaye Webb worked (tirelessly) for almost 20 years as editor for Puffin, where she instituted the picture-book imprint, founded the Puffin Club and worked with many of the authors we grew up with and still love today. Please click on the link below. There are only a few bits here, but they are wonderful to see. 

And here's a link to the Seven Stories site, as well. For those who don't know, Seven Stories is the first museum in the UK solely dedicated to the art of children's books. And it is a great place to go.


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