Social Distancing and Young Children? A Picture Book To Help

These times of self-isolation and social distancing have been difficult. But can you imagine trying to understand it all if you're a small child? It can be an overwhelming task to try to keep our children safe and happy while also explaining the reasons behind not being able to go to play-parks and visit with friends (especially in the gorgeous weather!), being unable to visit family, grandmas and grandads who play such an important part in a young childs' life. And of course, you don't want to laden them down with fear, anger or anxiety.
In Galway, our own local publisher, Tribes Press has just released a picturebook that will help allay concerns and bring a bit of reassurance and understanding into your childs' world in these strange times.
author: Marguerite Tonery illustrator: Fabrice Matray
Tribes Press (27 May 2020)
Uh-oh! The Covid Monster is here for a visit that no one wants! With his squishy hands and toes, he’s dripping nasty, squishy everywhere! So, no more playing with friends; no more playground fun; no more visits to Granny and Granddad until Covid Monster goes away. What CAN we do to make sure Covid Monster know he’s not welcome here?

A lyrical, rhyming story with vibrant, colourful pictures to help even the youngest children cope with restrictions and social distancing and encouraging all the things they need to remember, like washing hands and knowing they did nothing wrong!  Covid Monster’s Visit brings comfort and hope while encouraging cooperation and thought for others. 
This is Marguerite Tonery’s first picture book, As a psychologist, she seeks to support and reassure children not to internalise what’s happening in the pandemic world. It’s a book that tells children it is not because of them that they are not allowed to see their grandparents, play with their friends and do all the fun things they love.
Reassuring, understanding, and cheerful.
And the really big news can get Covid Monsters' Visit as a downloadable ebook for FREE exclusively on the Tribes Press website. This offer is available NOW until midnight, Friday 29th of May. It's available in English, French and German languages and available as a download worldwide. After the Friday deadline, it will be available for €9.99 as an ebook from Tribes Press. If you would prefer, you can pre-order in its' printed book form.
So...go, go, go!!!Here's the link:


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