"Filled to the brim with drama and danger. It is true, heartwarming and heart-stopping and magical...so very magical." Fallen Star Stories

The Wild Magic Trilogy began with Begone The Raggedy Witches; a story that crackled with atmosphere and enchantment from the very first line and captured this bloggers' heart and imagination. I wanted...really wanted to live in Mups' world and stand by her side throughout the twists and turns of the magical adventure. And through its' pages, I did exactly that as she journeyed through a land that was her legacy and was being destroyed by her grandmother, the Old Queen.
Then after the triumph of driving the Old Queen away, came The Little Grey Girl. In that book, with the Old Queen gone, but certainly not dead, the land is living under a Snow Queen-esque curse and discover the echoes of the cruel past through its' ghosts. Hurt and angry, they are determined to lash out in a punishing rage on Mups' family, ensuring their pain and suffering will not be forgotten. Mup summons all her courage, her wits and her magic to try to put things right, or it will all be for nothing.
And now, we come to the end of the tale...

author: Celine Kiernan
cover & interior illustrations: Jessica Courtney-Tickle
Walker Books (4 June 2020)
ISBN: 9781406373936
The endless winter has gone; melted away just like that. And the warmth of springtime arrived with all its' natural green magic. The new school has opened; a wonderful, magical school welcoming all of the children of Witches Borough. A school for everyone; with no one left out. But it isn't that easy. In just a months' time the beauty of spring has turned into a searing heat. The skies are filled with relentless blue and not a drop of rain. The river has dried to a dusty pathway with every ounce of water driven deep underground by the Old Queens' latest curse. Crow has been taken over by a dark magic that heralds the arrival of his mother, Magda. And she is determined to get back into the Old Queens' graces.Witches Borough is dying, and with it, everyone and everything that Mup holds dear. There is only one way to end this. Mup must fulfill a promise and finally face her grandmother...
Picking up where The Little Grey Girl left off, from the first line we are given wondrous writing, picture-generating description and an imaginative adventure in a world that sizzles with magic. The story consumes the reader, waking us up to endless possibility and allowing us to see with fresh eyes. The tension ebbs and flows in exquisite timing as the layers of this story build with incredible twists and turns to its' outcome. We explore the curses of the past, the challenges of the present and the promise of the future, constructed with a subtle, deft hand. The characters we have come to know and love (or fear) in the previous books take on other aspects, bringing their personalities into new light. They become increasingly real and authentic, as does the world they inhabit. Mup and Crow have grown and changed, while still maintaining that refreshing brand of innocence and determination. This allows them to step more fully into the people they are meant to be; clever, empathetic and free of others' expectations. There is so much colour; so much life and vibrance in The Promise Witch...the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. A gloriously woven spell. Just read it....



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