We are living through an unprecedented moment in time...well, in our lifetimes, anyway. Many in the world are isolated at home due to the spread of Covid_19; as well we should. It seems this isolation is the only way to curtail its' spread and save lives. And we don't know how long this will go on; weeks, months? The uncertainty can make it all very stressful. Especially for the kids. (The stress of it all could be why they are bouncing off the walls.) Strange and scary times, indeed.
But consider this, we are part of history. We don't know it as we live through it. We don't know whether it will end up the stuff of legends or simply a footnote. But whether we are young or old, children or adults, we do all have our stories; our own personal stories. And they deserve to be recorded. Yes! Your own little voice in the grand sea of information flailing around deserves to be heard, to be held, to be kept.
May I suggest you journal or "scrapbook" your story? Create your own tale of "the time the world stayed at home."
While going online to journal is an 'attractive' way to do this, it doesn't have the permanence of actually, physically writing it all down. Many of us will already have some lovely blank books knocking around the house (I have dozens!). Or there are composition books, copy books, loose-leaf binders and paper. So you can get started right away. But I suggest you take it a step further. Make your own "junk journal". This makes your efforts truly personal and something to hang on to.
What is a "junk journal"?
For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a"junk journal" is a handmade book that can be made as simply or elaborately as you like. It fires a sense of personal creativity, confidence, imagination (and dare I say, it's educational in many ways.) It is made from recycled items such as; papers from magazines, old gift wrap, brochures, patterned papers, paper bags, music papers, maps, greeting cards, postcards, paper doilies...basically anything you have lying around. You can fashion the covers from cardboard boxes, old cereal boxes, old book covers or any hard-ish cardboard you can lay your hands on. I know a few junk journalers who have used old (in distressed shape) picture books and added pages to them using the previously listed items. You can embellish these by added scraps of material, ribbons, old lace, yarn and embroidery thread, name it. You really are creating a beautiful object that speaks in your voice.
Make yourself a junk journal and then get busy recording. (I usually write on a separate piece of paper, then glue it down on the "junk journal"...but that's up to you.) Even the youngest can have their own journal. Write down how you feel, what you did that day, create short stories or poems, drawings or paintings. Record new recipes you've tried; seeds you've planted (you can include the empty seed packets).  Be sure to include happiness; those moments of joy, and acts of kindness. Add photographs, charts, reading lists or book reviews...whatever you want. It's your journal, after all.
And it makes a great 'family project' that can help lift our spirits and get us all through tough times. You may even find a lifelong habit has begun; one that is creative, expressive and filled with information and joy.
This may not seem important now, but in the future..... This is your history. You deserve to own your bit of it.


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