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This is the third book in the thrilling StarChild series by Australian author, Vacen Taylor.As some of you may remember, I reviewed both the first and second books in the series previously on Fallen Star Stories. I am thrilled to be asked to add my thoughts on the third book, The Healing Stone, and jump into the journey once again!
I want to thank Rachels' Random Resources for including me in this blog tour. And many thanks as well to Vacen Taylor, author of the StarChild series for providing me with the book to review. You are both fabulous! 

author: Vacen Taylor
Odyssey Books (April 2015)
ISBN: 9781922200204

As news of the Underworld King spreads far and wide and kingdoms everywhere are falling under his grip, fear and panic sweep the world and the children find themselves in more grave danger than before. Fleeing the attacking forces of the Underworld King as fires blaze through Naroan wreaking havoc and destruction, Mai, Akra and Kalim must find a way to purge the evil consuming Long; to release the dark pebble and its poison from his body. They now journey to the city of Albus, the City of Ice in search of an ally; someone who will help them on their quest to save Long. But the Land of Ice is a harsh, unforgiving place and its' Queen even more so. Having been granted the right to pass through her territory in search of The Healing Stone, the long, arduous journey places them all at risk from every direction. And once they arrive, they must place Long in the hands of the only slim hope for his recovery. But they must also face the greatest peril of all...the truth. 
Have the reached the Healing Stone in time to save Long or is he lost to the Underworld forever? And is their journey, and with it the Prophecy, all for nothing?
The third installment of this incredible, intrepid series packs as much punch as the previous two, with fast-paced adventure, expert storytelling and a seamless flow from book to book. It grabs your attention immediately and does not let go, not even when you have reached the last page. The world-building here is extraordinary, giving a texture and sensory experience that is rare, fully developed and beautifully expressed. Each character continues to grow throughout the series, coming into their own and understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses while appreciating and understanding each other. The relationships that they build are not stagnant, blossoming and building to reach a developed 'community' within themselves. And the action is non-stop. Each page builds on the tension of the last and while the writing has a descriptive, almost lyrical quality, it does not way down the story. While these books are written as 'middle-grade' fantasy, they will be enjoyed by even the most adult reader. I do recommend that the reader reads the series starting with the first book, The Age of Akra, in order to have a richer experience and understanding. 
A mysterious, foreboding, riveting and extraordinary journey that pulls you into the heart of imagination. Unforgettable.

About the author:
Vacen Taylor is a published author, screenwriter, playwright, an occasional poet, social welfare advocate, and amongst other things a support service provider. Writing works when there’s passion behind it and her stories always touch something in common or speak to the emotions in all human beings. Creating stories with richness and meaning is paramount in her storytelling. Expressing the uniqueness of self in her work using poetry and song is as much a requirement as world building with art and sculpture. All of which you will find somewhere in the Starchild Series.
For much more about Vacen Taylor, the StarChild series and all her numerous talents and pursuits, just follow the link to her website

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