The BookElves Are Coming!

Every year at about this time, something truly magical happens. The BookElves appear! Throughout the year, they are working hard, gathering information, checking and double-checking, learning everything they can. Then, at the end of November, they emerge filled with excitement; ready, willing and able to bring you the very best books for children of all ages. So if you are looking for a special, lasting gift for that special young person in your life; if you have questions or need advice, call on the BookElves18. We know the book you’re looking for!
It all kicks off 29 November!
But where do I find these magical creatures you ask?
You can find us  on Facebook @BookElves18 and on Twitter (#bookelves18) and Instagram @BookElves18. That simple! This year we are posting across three social media platforms to make it easier for everyone to find us, check out our recommendations and ask your kids books related questions. Just tag us or hashtag us and we'll be there.
Also...this year the BookElves will be Twitter LIVE during The Late Late Toy Show, which will air on Friday, 30 November. Those of you not in Ireland (and perhaps not having had experience of the Late Late Toy's a really big deal!), you may not be able to tune in. can join the BookElves18 as we post online with recommendations, comments and answer your questions. So you won't miss a thing!
So....get ready! The BookElves18 are coming!!!
And we'll here from 29 November through 20 December. 

Twitter - follow  #bookelves18 


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