Real Heroes, Adventures and Wildlife!

As a bookseller, one thing I can tell you is that as we approach the holiday season, nonfiction and real life stories find their time to shine. I'm never quite sure why this is so. No other time of year sees so many 'nonfiction' books for young people find their new readers and inspire them in their pursuit of knowledge and fascination. And I feel they need there own collective post. Wouldn't want them to get lost on the 'pages!'
Here are a few of the more note worthy books on real heroes, true adventures and the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us...all published in last two months, just in time for the gift-giving season. And right here in Ireland.
BLAZING A TRAIL: Irish Women Who Changed The World
author: Sarah Webb
illustrator: Lauren O'Neill
O'Brien Press (October 2018)
ISBN: 9781788490047
This fabulous book highlights 28 of those fabulous Mná na hÉireann, telling a different story each time you turn the page in clear concise language to make it perfect story time fare. Younger bookworms will especially appreciate the access to the fascinating real-life tales of these icons who changed, not just Ireland, but the entire world. Each page also features a beautiful illustration to accompany the 'woman of the page.' From prospectors and adventurers; actors to rebel leaders, educators to politicians; each brief biography is more fascinating than the last. And to make it even better (in my eyes), the stories begin with my favourite trail-blazer of Ireland, Granuaile (Grace O'Malley), the 'Pirate Queen'; sea captain and clan leader. This is a book that will not spend much time on the shelf, as you will spend hours glued to the page.

author: Juanita Browne
illustrator: Barry Reynolds
O'Brien Press (15 October 2018)
ISBN: 9781847179159
On a journey through the seasons, the wonder of Irish wildlife is filled with facts and bursting with life! Discover the numerous different habitats and the great variety of creatures that live in them. It begins in spring, as the animals that have been hibernating wake up and the trees begin to bud and flowers bloom. Search through the boglands in summer and find the daily adventures of life there. In autumn, see the amazing spectacle of changing colour. Winter doesn't put an end to the activity, as migrational birds land to visit our temperate shores. Each page has information, clear, fascinating photographs and fresh, fun illustrations. If you want to encourage a true appreciation of the natural world in Ireland, this is the book for you!

author/illustrator: Jennifer Farley
O'Brien Press (8 October 2018)
ISBN: 9781847179715
This stunning picture book is designed to appeal to the youngest readers, both here in Ireland and visitors. We are taken all across Ireland, with all the fun and exciting activities and adventures it has to offer. Go deer-spotting in Phoenix Park in Dublinl; take in a colourful St Patricks' Day parade; visit Skellig Michael, that wild and rocky outcrop of an island off the wild Atlantic coast in Kerry; ride in a hot air balloon; go surfing; how about some seal spotting; visit an observatory...the action never stops. The lively, vibrant illustrations are spread across each page and really bring it all to life.  With lots of detail and attention, this is a book to ponder and dream through time and again. Colourful, charming and intrepid; there are so many fun things to do wherever you go in Ireland.

author: Rob Maguire
illustrator: Aga Grandowicz 
Little Island (20 September 2018)
ISBN: 9781910411940
Dr Hibernica Finch may be a fictional zoologist, but the marvellous animal that can be seen throughout Ireland certainly are not. The illustrations are exquisite, subtle and beautifully illustrate a vast array of wildlife. From the delicate dragonfly to the proud, strong and graceful stag, these illustrations do not miss out the accuracy normally found in photographs. Fish, fowl, amphibian and mammal life all could walk off the pages of this stunning book. One for the entire family to love and to share.

That's just a taster of the marvellous nonfiction books available for you. They are my favourites. What are yours?     


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