Looking For Books For The Summer?

It's June and it's time to plan for the summer holidays...so it's also time to plan some summer reading for the kids. Summer is perfect to help foster the idea of reading for pleasure...because you want to; and to find those all important books that inspire young people into a life of reading. So often I hear, "Oh, they're not into reading and I'd like to get them interested." My response is always "They haven't found their book, yet." And that's just it...there is always one book that inspires, that excites and that ignites a real joy of books in a child. Hopefully, one of these will do just that.
Or maybe you have a young reader that you can't keep in books...they plow through them at an incredible rate and you need to know about more. So here's a few:
THE CLUBHOUSE MYSTERY (Cass and the Bubble Street Gang) by Erica McGann: Those annoying twin babies keep destroying Cass' fort in her front room (and she gets told off for being annoyed.) Then, Cass has the best idea ever! She bands together the Bubble Street Gang and they build a proper fort outside when they can solve mysteries, investigates crimes and get involved in all kinds of adventures. But someone is using their fort when they aren't there. So, the Bubble Street Gang is on the case, solving their first mystery. (ages 6+)
THE BOOKSHOP GIRL by Sylvia Bishop: This is the story of Property Jones, so named because her adopted family found her in left behind in the lost property cupboard of their bookshop. It is a small, failing bookshop, but their fortune seems to change when they become the lucky sweepstakes winners of the Montgomery Book Emporium! But all is not as it seems. There's action, there's intrigue and really bad baddies. And Property has a deep secret of her own... (ages 7+)
TILLY AND THE TIME-MACHINE by Adrian Edmonson: When Tilly's Dad builds a time-machine in the shed out back, she is shocked to discover it actually works. But Dad is now stuck in the past, leaving clues behind for Tilly and she must rescue him! A great, exciting read for newly competent readers.
KEEPSAKE by Paula Leyden: Ella is spending some time with her grandmother in the country and a beautiful horse called Storm is making this time all the more wonderful. But Johnny doesn't want to share his horse with anyone. One night, Storm is taken from his field by the 'pound man'. Ella and Johnny must rescue Storm before he gets destroyed! They enlist the help of Ellas' grandmother to prove that Storm was taken illegally and free him before it's too late. A beautiful, classic-style horse story with a contemporary twist. (ages 9+)
BAD MERMAIDS by Sibéal Pounder: Sibéal Pounder is back this summer with another cracking adventure to follow her Witch War series! Young mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda are enjoying the summer holidays on land with legs. They suddenly receive a telegram (well...a crabagram) telling them they are needed at home immediately. Some very bad mermaids are running riot and the girls are the only ones who can stop them. With fun newspaper articles and black and white illustrations peppered throughout, this is a great story that will appeal to 8-11 year olds or anyone who loves mermaids.
THE DRAGON WITH A CHOCOLATE HEART by Stephanie Burgess: Aventurine is a young dragon who is trying to prove to her family that she is strong, capable and able to provide, just like the rest of them. But a mission to catch the most dangerous prey of all, a human, goes horribly wrong when her discovery of chocolate lands her in big trouble. She is turned into a human girl and has to make her way in the world. Can her love of chocolate turn things around for her? A fabulous and fun fantasy for ages 9+
THE ISLAND AT THE END OF EVERYTHING by Kiran Millwood Hargrave: Ami was born on the leper colony island of Culion. She has lived there with her mother her entire life. A new government official arrives with a sinister fascination with butterflies and troubling news. The government has decided that all of those not affected by leprosy must be moved away. The children are taken to a neighbouring island orphanage. Ami is forced away from all she loves. But she is determined to make her way back home by any means. An incredible story of love, family and determination. (10+)
LETTERS FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE by Emma Carroll: In the middle of World War 2 (February 1941), and after multiple bombing raids on London, 12-year-old Olive is evacuated to the Devon coast with her younger brother, Cliff. She finds herself living in the lighthouse with reclusive Mr Ephraim. Desperate to help, Olive becomes his message carrier to the villagers involved in a refugee rescue operation. The messages are top secret, but Olive has a secret of her own...her sister Sukie disappeared during a bombing raid and she must find out what happened to her. Olive discovers a coded message to Sukie with links to Devon and a highly dangerous mission. Exceptional historical fiction and an incredible adventure. (10+)
RUNNING ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD by Jess Butterworth: Tash and her friend, Sam live with their parents in Chinese-occupied Tibet. They must follow many rules to survive. But when a man sets himself on fire in protest and the soldiers seize her parents. Tash and Sam must break all the rules and run for their lives. They make the dangerous trek across the Himilayas in hope of getting to India and the Dalai Lama...the only one who can help them. Amazing adventure and filled with both tension and beauty, this is truly awe-inspiring. (10+)
THE CITY OF SECRET RIVERS by Jacob Sager Weinstein: Hyacinth Hayward has recently moved to London with her eccentric mother. One day, her mother disappears and Hyacinth accidentally unleashes the magic flowing through Londons' underground rivers, setting in motion a chaotic chain of events.  As she seeks her kidnapped mother, Hyacinth is pursued by the Saltpetre Men and a gang of Toshers and an Oaraboarus,a giant pig in a swimsuit. She races against the clock to free her mother and save the city. Raucous, hilarious and so much fun.This is the first in a middle-grade fantasy trilogy.
So, there's ten for you to consider. Of course there are many more, so watch this space!


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