Towers and Tales Upcoming!

Happy April, by the way! Things have been a bit manic here up until now, so I haven't had the chance to say it. I hope you've all been enjoying all the good things spring brings with it....and reading loads of the fantastic books that have been coming out (rapidly since the beginning of's hard to keep up!)
I know I mentioned this briefly before, but a brand new childrens literature festival is on it's way. In fact, it's happening this Saturday, 18th April in the historic castle (and town), Lismore. The Towers and Tales Lismore Story Festival will feature a line-up of the best of the best in childrens books. So, if you haven't done so yet, I would whole-heartedly encourage you to make your way to Lismore for a really fantastic day.
You'll be able to see such wonderful and fun childrens author/illustrators as :
- the amazing Philip Ardagh...and find out what's been happening with the Grunts, Eddie Dickens and so many other of his creations. (Mustn't forget the fantastic Grubtown Tales...)
- Shane Hegarty, author of the new, exciting Darkmouth.
-Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, whose has written so many picture books and novels for young people, I couldn't possibly attempt to list them. But, I will say they have won the Bisto/CBI Book of the Year Awards four times! (Oh...all right...personal favourite: TimeCatcher...and I'm a Tiger, Too.)
-Chris Riddell (did you hear me...Chris Riddell!) will be there to tells us all about his illustration work, and let us meet Ms Ada Goth and Ms Ottoline Brown!
- Niamh Sharkey will encourage our own illustrative talents with the ever-popular Monster Doodle!
......and many more!
Here's the link so you can find the programme and book yourself in. Please a big hello to everyone from me. I'll be at work....selling childrens books and creating my own kind of kid lit fun (as per usual!)


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