Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cuirt International Festival of Literature 2015

The Cuirt Festival is in full swing now, with all manner of literary types roaming the streets of Galway and many, many wonderful events on offer. This year, Cuirt is celebrating it's 30th year and the programme is fabulous!
But we are concerned with what's on offer for the young among us here. There is plenty for the kids, school event and other wise.
Tomorrow, the Cuirt Labs will be presenting their Scroibh sessions....a writing event inspired by Fighting Words in Dublin. Fantastically exciting and inspiring in it's own rite, the Scroibh sessions will keep young writers talking for ages!
Other Cuirt Labs sessions will feature authors, illustrators, film-makers....just brilliant!
And...best of all, I think, The Book Doctors will be on hand this Saturday at 12 noon, down by the Spanish Arch. Don't know what to read next? Having a book dilemma? You need to see a Book Doctor! No appointment is necessary. Just drop in and the Book Doctor will have the right prescription! (No jabs or nasty tasting medicine...promise!)

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