Picture Book Month: Why Picture Books Are Important

I am really loving Picture Book Month, and I hope you are, too. Each day brings us another Picture Book (Pecan Pie Baby, Big Red Lollipop, The Baby Tree) showed us a world to share....snow and volcanoes and everything!
Today, Anna Dewdney (Llama Llama Red Pajama, Nelly Gnu and Daddy, Too) gives us a love of language, feelings, empathy, and llamas (of course).
Month Champion and another reason why picture books are so very important. Yesterday, Sophie Blackall
" Reading with children makes an intimate, human connection that teaches that child what it means to be alive as one of many live beings on the planet. We are naming feelings, expressing experience, and demonstrating love and understanding… all in a safe environment." Anna Dewdney
What better way to learn about the world and all it has to offer than through sharing a picture book? (Psstt...they make great 'travel guides' before children go off on their adventures in life.)


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