Picture Book Month: What Is A Picture Book?

As we celebrate Picture Book Month this November, here is a lovely video by author Katie Davis. Included are quotes from some of the most beloved author/illustrators seeking to answer the question, "What is a picture book?" Here are Mercer Meyer, Tomie de Paolo, Peter Sis...so many of the best working today with their thoughts and insights.
Picture books are so very important, not just to the young, but to all of us. They open up new worlds and
new ways of seeing. They introduce us to art, language, stories and perception. Todays' picture book champion is Ann Whitford Paul. Ann talks about her experiences as a mother reading to her children and what picture books brought into their lives and relationships, all with the constant phrase 'Read it again'. How many of us hear those words (sometimes, we think, to the point of distraction!) But do...read it again....read it long after the children are grown.... because anything that can be said about children and their relationships with picture books is equally true when we are grown.
"Picture books share the universality of experience. They let children know they’re not alone and that humor can sometimes be the perfect medicine." Ann Whitford Paul


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