Picture Book Month continues... with Rebecca Emberly

Today's post on the Picture Book Month site is by Rebecca Emberly. Rebecca has been writing and illustrating picture books for a number of years now, and she's part of an amazing, creative family. He father, Ed Emberly is an absolute icon in the world of picture books. Her brother is Michael Emberly, another prolific children's illustrator and her sister-in-law is the one and only Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick. But Rebecca is a giant in her own right, having written and illustrated over 20 beautiful picture books for young children. Her illustration art is fantastic, using bright clear colours and patterns that amuse and intrigue. Here's a quote from what Rebecca has to say on Picture Book Month:
"The marriage of words and pictures is magical. Long before a child can read, they look at pictures and listen to the sounds you make when reading to them. It brings the world into perspective for a child in a way that nothing else can, while still allowing them to interpret what they see in their own unique way...."

And do visit Rebecca Emberly's own website to find out more about her and her books. (p.s. My favourite is still The Lion and the Mice, written in conjunction with Ed Emberly; though I will definitely be looking for The Itsy Bitsy Spider!)



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