It's Also Picture Book Month!

November is also designated as Picture Book Month! This is an international initiative that sets out to celebrate the picture book in print form. The world needs picture books.  In a digital age, we are being sold the idea that printed books are becoming a thing of the past...outmoded and unnecessary. Not true, I say! And especially not true of picture books.There is nothing more satisfying, no memory evoked so strongly throughout life as the turning of a physical page in a picture book. The instigation of visual literacy is what fires us on to be able to read at all, and reading a picture is where it all starts...and where it continues. It is in fact our first experience of art in our lives. So important in many ways, I was absolutely delighted to learn of this initiative and invite you all to celebrate November with your favourite picture books. (By the way...I shouldn't have to say this but you are never....NEVER...too old for picture books!)
Here's the link to the Picture Book Month website, where everyday you'll find a new post from a picture book champion, a Picture Book Month teacher's guide, a host of activities, a calender and so much more. Even the opportunity to become a Picture Book Ambassador yourself! Join, read, enjoy, share!


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