Roald Dahl Day....13 September!

We're just one week away from Roald Dahl Day... each year Roald Dahl Day is celebrated on Roald Dahl's actually birthday. And this year, the big exciting news is that our old friend, The BFG is turning 30!!!!!

Here's the link to the Roald Dahl Day site. Check it out and join in the fun! (Also... you may want to check out an earlier posting on this blog regarding Roald Dahl Day and the BFG).
Time to Dream Big with The BFG!!!!!!

By the way.... in case you're preoccupied on the 13th of Septemer, don't worry about missing out. September 28th has been designated DRESS UP BIG Day. How about organising your class to Dress Up Big in Dahl/BFG inspired costumes in support of Roald Dahl's favourite charity... or one of your own choosing???? Great idea!!!!!
"Get set for the Dahlicious Dress-Up Day, Friday 28 September. All in aid of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, we’re inviting schools to dress up in their most wondercrump Roald Dahl inspired costumes. Our BIG dream is that every school in the UK will take part and raise money to help seriously ill and disabled chiddlers. What costume idea will you dream up?
Register now for your fundraising pack at or email registered charity no 1137409"


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