Julia Donaldson: New UK Children's Laureate

As you've all probably heard by now, Julia Donaldson (author of so many children's picture books they can't be listed, but best known as the 'Gruffalo's Mummy') has been announced as the new UK Children's Laureate. In her two year term, Donaldson is planning on using her position as one of advocacy for public libraries, and for emphasising children's interactivity with books and stories through performance.
While each laureate has created a different emphasis during their past terms, Donaldson has also paid homage to their work and their expertise.

Donaldson adds: "I think the children's laureate role has done something for children's books although not perhaps one thing in particular. Anne Fine's My Home Library initiative and Michael Rosen's poetry website for children to perform poems still exist.
"Each children's laureate has done different things and I don't want those things to die so I'll be looking at ways to bring attention to the contributions of all the former laureates."
(Caroline Horn, Bookseller Wednesday, 20 June 2011)
In the Bookseller article linked below, Children's Laureate: an evolution, an explanation is given as to how the UK Laureateship has blossomed and changed throughout it's 12 year history. A most interesting inclusion is a list of all the past UK children's laureates and their particular focus during their term.


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