The Next Harry Potter?

With the final film in the Harry Potter series about to hit the big screen this summer, TF (Total Film) has drawn up a list of 30 books that could be possibilities for taking the boy wizards crown (in terms of box office draw?) Among the list, we can find Artemis Fowl, Skulduggery Pleasant, the Chaos Walking trilogy, Mortal Engines, Tunnels the Cherub series, the Mortal Instruments series, The Spooks Apprentice, A Wrinkle In Time,... and my personal favourite... Redwall! There are also some quite, umm, unusual offerings here. All of this is of course pure speculation, but it is interesting. See what you think. Anyone have any additions or deletions from your own list?


  1. I only have one on my list- Redwall. It is an epic story that needs to be told.


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