Jack Draws Anything

Jack Henderson is one of life's good guys. This little boy has his own website and for a donation, he'll draw anything you want. All the money he raises from this goes to help the 'Sick Kids Friends Foundation'. Jack has a little brother, Noah. Noah has spent much of his young life in and out of hospital; the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. Jack began to draw to raise money to help the hospital in order to help pay them back for all the care and concern they have shown to Noah and his family... and the other sick children they care for.
Here are Jack's own words. He says it better himself.
"I am doing this because my little brother Noah goes to Hospital lots and the name of it is Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. I am going to give my money to Sick Kids Friends Foundation. I want to give them £100 £500 £1,000 £10,000 £15,000 £20,000 cause they looked after me, Toby & especially Noah. He can't breathe very well sometimes. Everytime he goes in I think he is going to die. I have over 500 drawings to do. PLEASE can you give me some donation money. Thank you."
Right now, Jack can no longer accept requests, due to popular demand. But he is still working, drawing more and more pictures in order to raise these much needed funds. What a hero!

Hodder Children's Books is due to publish a book of Jack's artwork on 6th October 2011. The title is 'Jack Draws Anything: The Little Boy With The Big Art'.


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