Hedgehogs, Water Voles and Great Inventions - Happy Book Birthday

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! to Helping Hedgehog Home; the ninth in the collection of Celestine and the Hare books by Karin Celestine.
I wanted to do a very special post for this book, because the whole series contains very special books, indeed.
In this series, we enter a world where weasels are ruled by King Norty, a tribe of Chokliteers run gentle riot alongside in a kingdom of tiny felt animals (seriously...watch your Easter Eggs!), water voles build homes for stray beetles and small acts of kindness and consideration are part of the daily routine.
There is a strong sense of environmental awareness, as you might imagine, and an infusion of acceptance, compassion and empathy for even the smallest of creatures...and even when that particular creature may seem a bit irritating. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of paying attention, understanding and time to create a more peaceful world and some new friends.
And into this world, we now welcome....

(A Celestine and the Hare book)
author/creator: Karin Celestine
Graffeg (18 April 2019)
ISBN: 9781912213634
One day, when Granny Dandelion is out looking for a tin can for her latest invention,  a hedgehog in a runaway hot air balloon suddenly drops in on Grandpa Burdock. (Quite literally!) It seems a new fence was built and the gap where Hedgehog used to get into her garden is gone. She was trying to think of a way to get back in so she can look for something tasty for dinner. But, her spines are so prickly, they popped the balloon and now...she's trapped. Hedgehog shouldn't worry, though. While Grandpa Burdocks' ideas may be a bit unnerving, Granny Dandelion is a great inventor and surely she can help Hedgehog home.
Adventurous, funny and clever, the clear and easy to read text make this book perfect for young readers and to share with the family or classroom. There is much room for both discussions about the natural world we share and for flights of the imagination. Each character has its' own unique personality, and as a community display a great gift for compassion and willingness to get along. They bring their own gifts to the situation and, because of that, the problem is easily solved. The illustrations are endlessly charming; made with felt creatures Celestine handcrafts herself, painstakingly places and photographs. The result is the creation of a marvelous, artistic, inventive and very real world. In the back of this book, you will find simple instructions to make your own papier-mache hot air balloon out of items you probably have sitting around the house. (But don't try to send a hedgehog off in it...you can see what happens.) Delightful and heartwarming.

In fact, the entire series is well worth recommending.
The presentation of each book is simply beautiful with lively illustrations. With the whimsical story-telling in each, the reader will also get great insight, simply put without being didactic, heavy-handed or boring. Messages of inclusiveness, kindness, sensitivity and acceptance breeze through these tales, alongside a wonderful vision of the interesting lives lived just outside your back door. Each book has a 'make your own' page at the back, along with some eye-opening facts about various tiny creatures inhabiting our world. But....the real joy is in the stories. They will make you laugh, make you think and inspire your imagination. My advice: get them all!




  1. Thank you! Everyone should know about these wonderful books.

  2. Highly recommended series. These are such gentle, kind and lovely books. Any child (or mum/dad/grandma/grandad/auntie/uncle...) could read these happily and without the need for supervision. Having said that, they are great to share and having a grown-up handy would really help with the great activities in the back of each book.


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