Use your World Book Day Tokens!

Just putting out a quick reminder to everyone in the Ireland and the UK.
With all the excitement of World Book Day winding down for another year, it's easy to forget about the wonderful WBD books available and the World Book Day tokens! All of the brilliant books above are still available for purchase costing ONLY one WBD token each (or, if you've used yours already, €1.50...£1.00 on the UK.) The WBD tokens can also be used to give you €1.50 (£1.00) off towards the purchase of any other book.
But...and this is very important; the World Book Day tokens are only valid until Sunday, 31st of March. After that, your bookseller can no longer accept them. That gives you a little over a week to visit your local bookstore and spend those tokens!

I had a lovely World Book Day, though not at all as busy as World Book Days past. I visited a local school and spent the day reading to each and every class from a selection of my favourite books, new and old; something I really love to do. Of course, there was much chat about where their other World Book Day visits and what books they'd been reading; what was good...what was not. If you want to know whic books are best for children of any age...ask a kid.
And, I popped down to Dubray Books Galway to meet the wonderful Pádraig Kenny who was there presenting his books, TIN (read this book now!) and the new one, POG. He graciously signed POG for me before the event...and informed me that it the first copy he had ever signed. I am over-the-moon with that! (Review of POG is on the Irish Authors page. It is a beautiful book...highly recommended!)

So...hope you all had a wonderful World Book Day! Go over to the website for more information, activities and goings on in general and don't forget to use those WBD tokens!


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