Happy New Fallen Star Stories Year

Happy 2019 to you all!
And welcome back to Fallen Star Stories.
I want to thank you all for 'tuning in' and I do hope you have enjoyed the reviews and posts.
I started Fallen Star Stories in 2010. At the time, I was working for Dubray Books Galway as their childrens books specialist. I had a great team of young reviewers at the time. They would read books (yes, I always read them first) and give me their honest reviews. I believe if you want to know whether a childrens' book is good, ask the children. They know exactly what they like.
Recommending books, reading to school classes, bringing groups in for events and (especially) the World Book Day Extravaganza weeks were so exciting and really helped a lot of children become enthusiastic about books and reading that I really wanted to reach a larger audience. Also, reviewing books for Inis Magazine and other sites was important to me. So....someone said 'blog' to me and I thought, why not? And Fallen Star Stories was born. I have always focused on the books, making the posts and reviews as accessible as possible. The idea was (and is) that anyone can read them; children could access them, busy parents, teachers... While I have been trained as a theoretical writer, I really wanted to steer clear of that here. I am blogging for YOU.
Also, I've never wanted to 'monetise' my blog. It's all free to peruse and free of advertising. The only thing you will be inundated with are my opinions and recommendations.
Time has moved on and circumstances have changed. The 'young reviewers' are grown, but more have appeared to take up the task. You can still find my reviews in Inis Magazine and elsewhere. Fallen Star Stories remains strong.
This year is starting off with a bang...more blog tours (two at the end of this month!), more brand new book reviews...just more. I look forward to bringing you everything I can possibly pile on here. My first batches of books from a variety of publishers is on its' way to me. This is going to be great!
So welcome back! I hope you enjoy the trip through the land of childrens' books as much as I do.
p.s. Before I forget, there will be a few new features popping up...some editorials and an ongoing post about myself and my life in childrens' books. This is at the urging of a good friend of mine. I hope you'll find it interesting.
Happy New Year and Happy New Books!


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