It's Time For...Dragon Post! - Day 3: Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
The importance of picture books such as Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett  cannot be underestimated.
Far from a simple, yet captivating tale story with bright, colourful pictures; though it IS those things, certainly; a book like this sparks the imagination and fires a desire for creative play and learning. It opens the doors of curiosity and allows a young reader to step through.
In Dragon Post, we are invited into the world of a child who has to use problem-solving skills, ask for help, develop discretion, the meaning of friendship and responsibility. This is accomplished by creating a safe environment in which we can all explore these things. As the child gets older, they carry these behaviours and skills with them, along with a sense of wonder, joy and observation.
Besides, who doesn't like to read other peoples' post? You can do that here...and not get in trouble.
Here are some more letters from the kids at St Nicholas School (Waterside). I think you'll agree they show great creativity.
Best Dragon Regards,
@WalkerBooksUK  @BIGPictureBooks


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