LAI Children's Book Awards

The Literacy Association of Ireland have announced their shortlist of books for the upcoming LAI Children's Book Awards.
There are 4 categories in this particular award; 0-4, 5-8, 9-11 and Young Adult. These books are currently being reread and considered. The winners in each category will be announced on  October 5th at the LAI annual conference.
In the 0-4 category, the nominees are:
A Dublin Fairytale by Nicola Colton; published by the O'Brien Press.
How To Get Rid of a Polar Bear by Rachael Darby; published by Choice Publishing.
Elifint Óg Agus an Folcadán by Tatyana Feeney; published by An Gúm,

In the 5-8 category, we have 3 title in Irish language for young readers:
An Pota Folamh, published by An Gúm
Óró na Círcíni by Gabriel Rosenstock, illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald; published by An Gúm (and also nominated for the CBI Book of the Year Awards this year).
Ná Gabh Ar Scoil by Maire Zepf, illustrated by Tarsila Kruse; published by Futa Fata

The 9-11 category offers the following shortlist:

A Cage of Roots by Matt Griffin, published by the O'Brien Press
The Book of Learning by ER Murray, published by the Mercier Press
Kings of the Boyne by Nicola Pierce, published by the O'Brien Press

And finally, in the Young Adult category;
The Wordsmith by Patricia Forde, published by Little Island
A Lonely Note by Kevin Stevens, published by Little Island
The Butterfly Shell by Maureen White, published by the O'Brien Press

The LAI Book Award is given in alternate years, and chosen from an outstanding selection of books published in Ireland during the two years previous.This year, there will be separate awards given to books in the four age categories.

Best of luck to you all...


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