NUI Galway Childrens Studies Presents....

NUI Galway Children's Studies Programme is holding another fantastic seminar. On Thursday, 19 January, Professor Peter Hunt from Cardiff University will address:
Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature
From Librarianship to Childhood Studies via
Liberal Humanism, High Theory, Post-Theory, Metamodernism and Pooh Corner 

The seminar will be held in room GO11, James Hardiman Library commencing at 5pm.
"Over the past 50 years, children’s literature has become a vibrant and important part of university-level studies worldwide. Approaches to it have been as diverse and lively (and problematic) as the subject-matter, having to deal with multi-media texts, the responses of non-peer audiences, fundamental issues of cultural, historical and literary values and psychological, educational and political influences. This lecture provides an outline of the fascinating and entertaining directions which the criticism of texts for children has taken."

If you are interested in children's literature, this promises to be a fascinating lecture. Hope to see you there!


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