Gold by Geraldine Mills - What a wonderful launch!

Before any more time runs away with me, I just wanted share a few photos with you from the launch of Gold by Geraldine Mills. Last Thursday, 30th June was the evening and we had a full house for, what turned out to be the best party I'd been to in a long time. We heard from Síobhan Parkinson, editor, owner, minder of Little Island (the ONLY publishing house in Ireland dedicated solely to childrens' books), Alan McMonagle (poet, writer) who introduced Gold with insights as to why Gold is incredible for both children and adults and, of course, Geraldine, who read a passage from the story the took us all out of the dark, cold, ash-covered life of twins Starn and Esper and into the clouds on their flight for freedom. There awe, laughter and....cupcakes! (Thank you, cupcake maker....whoever you are!)
And finally, something happened that I had never seen happen before at a book launch...we sold out. How could this happen? We had loads! Well, I think it is testament to what is a truly remarkable book with those elements that touch both children and big children. While there are the 'grown-up'  concerns in the story; environment, social disarray, finance crisis, etc.; these issues never overwhelm what is at it's heart and soul an adventure story. The writing itself is lyrical and inventive, with a clear love of language and it's construction and evolution. Utterly contemporary in it's concept, it holds on to the same tradition as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Swiss Family Robinson, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. There are echoes from mythology and folk tales. The tale is complex, and yet, so simple and clear. And it is magnificent. My advise, get yourself a copy of Gold and read. Have an adventure. are a few photos of the party. A huge thank you to all who attended, Síobhan and Little Island for choosing Dubray to host the launch, Alan for his insight and fine words of introduction and, of course, to Geraldine for being warm, wonderful and for writing such an amazing book for us all to welcome into our lives.
Síobhan Parkinson from Little Island

Alan McMonagle introduces Gold

Geraldine Mills reading

Wonderful cupcakes!


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