World Book Day Extravaganza 2016

Before I move on with the rest of the month, I need to wrap up the goings on of the World Book Day Extravaganza 2016! Friday was the final day and a day which saw me take the reigns completely. I read to 3 wonderful classes, Junior Infants, 4th class and 1st and 2nd class. It was an "excited" day....really nice to see that kind of enthusiasm for books. There were 95 students in all, that day, listening to stories, telling me about their favourite books, asking questions and asking for recommendations...just wonderful! 
A fourth class popped in a bit later in the day to choose their World Book Day books and spend their vouchers (all very organised!) This reminds me to remind you all....though the extravaganza is over (at least here in Galway) for another year,  World Book Day events do continue. Check out their website and find out what's happening near you.
I thought it might be interesting to let you know which of the World Book Day Books was most popular among the young and voracious readers of Galway. While Star Wars was certainly a hit, and Welcome to the World of Norm and The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked made quite an impression, the WBD Book that gained the most interest this and most popular was (so far) One
Good Turn by Brian Gallagher, published by O'Brien Press! (This is most satisfying and as it should be, seeing as a) it is a GREAT read and b) it is a 1916 story and we are commemorating 1916.) Brilliant news!
And don't forget to use those vouchers! Use them to acquire one of the incredible 10 (11 in Ireland) specially published World Book Day Books or to get €1.50 off the book of your choice. And remember to use them before 27 March 2016. Your favourite booksellers can't accept them after that date! Don't miss out.
Now... are you ready? The total attendance for the World Book Day Extravaganza 2016 has been....(drum roll, please)... 589 school children!!!
My most heart-felt thanks to the wonderful, kind authors who donated their time and energy to help me carry on bringing this magic to Galway. I cannot thank you enough. You were all amazing!
Thanks to Nicola Pierce (Behind the Walls)

      Debbie Thomas (Class Act)

Patricia Forde (The Wordsmith)


and Andrew Lane, who gets an extra thank you for stepping in at the last minute and coming all the way from his home in England to solve a problem for me!

And my continued thanks to the staff of Dubray Books for putting up with me year after year, and the teachers and schools of Galway. YOU make this possible!


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