End of November.....

So, it's the last day of November. The weather is wild here in Galway and the season is hopping as we move firmly into the busiest time of the year. I hope you have all been keeping up with international Picture Book Month. Each day has given us a new picture book champion with insightful thoughts on the importance of the picture book, and I would say, not just their importance in the lives of small children, but in all our lives. If you've missed any, you can always scroll back through the post entries. You  really wouldn't want to miss a thing.
There are so many reasons that picture books stand out, but for me, perhaps the most important is in the memories picture books create and sustain. Take a moment. Ask yourself what you're very very memory of a book is and why. What does that memory mean to you? What feelings does it evoke? Hold on to that memory and let it serve you well throughout your own life. Then, pass that memory on to a small person in your life. It is in the warmth, the voice and joy of an adult that a child remembers meaning and love readily given through the sharing of a story.
From my earliest reading memories, here are a few of mine... just pictures; no words needed:


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