The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

There are few writers today like Patrick Ness. His turn of phrase and unusual gift of expression create powerful, yet subtle novels for young adults. With his latest work, The Rest Of Us Just Live Here due out at the end of August, he has created a unique voice for the ordinary, everyday  teenager. On the cusp of entering the adult world, a group of friends in a small town find themselves the unwitting background for the more dramatic, extraordinary lives of the 'chosen few'...those who have to fight off zombies or vampires or whatever threat of mass extinction is the current thing. This is the story of Mikey, a normal kid who, with his friends, just want to graduate from high school and do normal things before someone or something blows up the high school....again. These kids are just normal; well, everyone except Jared, who just might be a god or something.With some lovely nuanced passages with the very-much-in-the-background adults, comes an implication that perhaps these weird, earth-shaking events occurring in the lives of these ordinary teenagers have happened before; or at least something very similar. This is the story of us all.
Told with compassion, humour and acknowledgement of the sheer frustration of just trying to get through life, The Rest Of Us Just Live Here is exceptional in a world of young adult literature that is becoming almost as confusing as those pivotal years themselves. With incredibly accurate insight, Ness has given a true and memorable voice to those not quite so memorable and he has done so with an insanely beautiful writing style and character portrayal.
Not all of us have to be heroes; not all of us have to save the world, some of us are just collateral damage... the rest of us just live here.


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