And....It's also Baboro time!

It just keeps getting's also nearly Baboro time in Galway. From October 11th through 19th, Galway will be celebrating  imagination, inspiration and excitement of Baboro; the International Arts Festival for Children. This year, Baboro is in its' eighteenth year....and what a brilliant eighteen years it's been. This year is simply fantastic, so have a look at the programme now and book your family into as many events as possible. (You see, you'll have difficulty chosing....might as well go to them all.)
You can start yourself off right now, in fact. At the KBC Galway Hub, just off Eyre Square, there is a beautiful exhibition. Eighteen beautiful panels by eighteen incredible international artists have been installed portraying 18 Rights inspired by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. So, please do have a good look at the Citizens of the World, Now exhibition.


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