I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blog terribly for the last a while. A combination of things, including the incredible summer weather here in Ireland have lead to this. How about a few of the great books I've been reading for the last while? (I'll try not to burden you with the entire canon and just hit the highlights.)

Emilie & the Hollow World and Emilie & the Sky World by Martha Wells
StrangeChemistry Books
While her reasons behind running away from home and attempting to stow away on the Merry Bell are completely defensible, the results of this action place Emilie in extreme danger. Ending up on the wrong ship completely, Emilie's journey takes her on a voyage across the aether currents to the interior of the planet. Under the protection of Lady Marlende, she becomes part of a daring attempt to rescue Marlendes' missing father....and lands her a bold new job. Fantastic steam punk adventure that is reminiscent of H.G. Wells, among others. Ages 12+

We Were Liars
by e. lockhart 
Hot Key Books

A beautiful privileged family meets each summer on a private island where their lives seem to be pure bliss. But every family houses its' secrets. With the death of the family matriarch, the glue that bound the Sinclairs together begins to lose its' hold. A tragic accident leaves Cadence damaged and having lost her memory of that summer, she returns to the island to find out exactly why her cousins, and her true love, haven't been in touch. What happened during summer fifteen? Suspenseful, gripping, tragic and compelling... brilliant mystery you won't want to miss. ages 14+

Wendy Quill is Full-Up of Wrong
by Wendy Meddour and Mina May
OUP Press
It is very tricky to get things right all of the time. Wendy does her best, and it's not entirely her fault. Her too-fast bike whizzed around that corner and slightly-squished a lady; the ghost in her room practically threw her sisters' diary into her hands and she did take those flapjacks to A Jemimas' house....just not the Jemima her mum thought she was visiting. I really love the Wendy Quill books. They speak with a very accurate voice and the stories are always a delight! ages 7-10

Just a few for now... I promise I'll be back later. Right now, I'd better get ready for work!


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