Farewell Eric Hill, Creator of Spot the Dog

Eric Hill, creator of the best-loved Spot the Dog picture books for young children has died at the age of 86 at his California after a brief illness.
A "master of simple design" (as stated by his publisher, Puffin Books), there is almost no home anywhere Where's Spot?, the very first in the series was first published in 1980. Over time, the book has been published in sixty different languages and sold millions of copies world wide.
who hasn't enjoyed Hill's most famous creation, the Spot books. Spot is one of the most iconic of  childrens' book characters.
Eric Hill once said of his puppy hero, "I love the character, he's my buddy."
....and millions upon millions of children have felt the same way.
R.I.P., Eric Hill...you have touched the hearts and minds of more children than you could ever imagine.


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