Get Ready for Cuirt 2013!

Cuirt Labs
On Tuesday 23rd April, the Cuirt International Festival of Literature 2013 will kick off (with the official festival opening on Wednesday the 24th.... oh good! I'm off work for the day.) This year, those clever folks in charge of the programme development have initiated an innovative project for young people called the 'Cuirt Labs'. This will follow a conference-style format, with young people taking part in a series of sessions guided by children's authors, illustrators, graphic designers.... all manner of people involved in creative disciplines. The aim will be to :
"challenge, educate and inspire in a unique environment that is both comfortable and fun."
So do check out what the marvellous talents of Oisin McGann, Alan Nolan, Anna Carey, Will Sliney, Kate Walshe, Patricia Forde and many more have on offer.
It's fantastic to have the Cuirt Literary Festival bringing an even stronger emphasis to children's literature this year. These labs are just the ticket!


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