'The Writer and the Wolf'

photograph: Armints Wallace

In today's Irish Times, there is a wonderful article by Arminta Wallace. She travelled to England, to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust for an interview with Michelle Paver (The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness). While she gained true insight into Paver's research methods and the journey(s) while writing her wonderful series, the most fascinating information shared in this writing was the insight into the lives and behaviour of the wolves themselves. Wallace spent time with Paver walking around the grounds of the Trust, accompanied by Torak (see photograph left), a young wolf named for the lead character of the Chronicles... And as if getting up close and personal with the wolves wasn't enough, Wallace also gives a view of the work of the Trust. As a long time fan of  Paver and of wolves, and as someone who has spent time in the company of these much malligned beauties, the article was most welcome.


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