Books Make Me Happy

I was working away, minding my own business when the following journal (for lack of a better term) appeared on the shelves. 'Books Make Me Happy: my first reading log' by Judy Pelikan (Workman Publishing, January 2010, 9780761155973) is a real little gem to assist children in developing a considered and  lifelong enthusiasm for books and reading. This journal begins with the typical pages devoted to the title, author, illustrator, 'my favourite part of this book was...' and the goes on to include entry spaces such as 'I will recommend this book to a friend because...' and a space for drawings inspired by each particular book. Also included are a number of book plate stickers for children to colour or create their own imagery for their personal books. From here, they are then encouraged to continue journalling, having been given a format that allows for, not simply recording, but self-expression. 'Books Make Me Happy' serves as I great starting point for children to develop their abilities, confidence and individual style when it comes to critique, analysis and appreciation of books.


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